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Another 81 illegal boat people arrive on our shores. Anger is the only word I can describe how I feel. I don’t feel sorry for these people and I don’t feel responsible. I see a refugee as someone fleeing their country for his or her life to the nearest safe haven. When someone passes many countries and pays thousands of dollars to come to Australia they are not refugees. We are taken for a soft touch and seen as idiots by these people who have no regard or respect for our laws.

I don’t blame the illegal boat people; I blame our incompetent Gillard Government. When Julia Gillard came to the fore and was touted to become the first female Prime Minister of Australia I thought a female would be good for the country. I was wrong, she is the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had, and she has to go.  

Today is Anzac Day. This is the day all Australians should respect and thank their lucky stars for the men and women who fought and sacrificed their lives to allow us the freedom and way of life that many of us take for granted today.

I am sick and tired of multiculturalism being forced upon us. It has failed here and many countries around the world. When are our governments going to realize that a cohesive society is one that shares the same values, laws and principals? Stop bringing people into the country that are opposed to our beliefs. Stop allowing refugees that are from countries that are not compatible with our customs and will find it hard to integrate into our society.

Australians are fed up with boat people. If people are in fear of their lives why would they demand their rights, burn the detention centres, or have anything to complain about. Our streets and cities are overflowing with homeless street people; our youth don’t have the same support given to them as those who come here illegally, and you will only get immediate health care is you are a refugee. I have had enough of this BS. As far as I am concerned turn the boats around, we don’t need or can afford to have them here. Clean up our own backyard first Julia, get in touch with the Australian people first, instead of trying to be a leader of the world. I have never seen a leader so dispassionate from the Australian people as Julia Gillard. Maybe she has never come to appreciate or respect the ANZACS or what it truly means to be Australian.      

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#1 tonyryan 2011-04-28 21:55
Pauline Hanson appears to have developed little comprehension of the extent of the web the globalists have spun around Australia. Perhaps if she talked less and read more she could be an ally worth cultivating.

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