With the State Election looming, for the first time in years we have a party offering a real clear ideological and political alternative to Labor and LNP both of which have no real differences at all. Both LNP and Labor support the operation of major foreign interests in oil, agribusiness, and supermarket chains apparently over local Australian interests. Both support CSG production which will destroy our environment for the profit of foreigners. Both are happy to sell off our vital public utilities and assets .i.e. our railroads and our electricity. Both are also full of politicians it appears who lack ideology and vision for Queensland and Australia. In fact, they seem more intent on pursuing their own selfish self-interest and political ends than serving the public good for the people of Queensland. Katter's Australian Party is a welcome addition to our political landscape and should do well come election day. After all, it is the only one which appears determined to save Australia for Australians.

Dr Ivan Molloy,
PO Box 78,
Peregian Beach,
Queensland, 4573

A senior Russian foreign ministry official has lashed out at Israel for “inventing” allegations about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and warned that such fabrications could entail “catastrophic consequences.”

On Wednesday, Mikhail Ulyanov, the head of Security and Disarmament Department at Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denounced Tel Aviv’s hawkish rhetoric on Iran over its nuclear program as “inventions” that “are increasing the tension and could encourage moves towards a military solution with catastrophic consequences.”

Thursday, 09 February 2012 10:58

Yet Another War For Israel By William A. Cook

“Men use thought only to justify their injustices, and speech only to conceal their thoughts.”

(Voltaire: Dialogue XIV, Le Chapon et la Poularde)

Voltaire's wit often illuminates truth. Consider this revealing “thought” as expressed recently in Alert, the voice of AIPAC to its membership: “Some Americans believe if the Israelis strike Iran, the U.S. will pay the political costs anyway, so it would be better for the Americans to do the job and do it properly. Their clock is a bit different from the one the Israelis hear. Because of their vastly superior firepower, the Americans could strike Iran later, more devastatingly and more sustainably.”     THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! ANOTHER WAR CRIME! !

Syria Reports 15,000 Elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Soldiers, Trained In Unconventional Warfare, Have Arrived To Help Assad Crush The Violent Uprising.

The online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel is reporting that a deployment of 15,000 elite Iranian soldiers trained in unconventional warfare have just recently arrived in Syria to help the Assad regime crush the violent uprising.

Defence for Children International (DCI) Palestine Section (DCI/Palestine) "is a national section of the international non-government child rights organisation and movement (dedicated) to promoting and protecting the rights of Palestinian children," according to international law principles.

Former NSA analyst, Jim Stone, argues that there was no mag 9.0 earthquake. The tsunami was caused by nuclear bombs in the sea and the Fukushima explosion and meltdown was caused by mini-nukes hidden in cameras installed by an Israeli security firm. The motive: punish Japan for offering to enrich Iranian uranium and straying from Illuminati diktat. This website reserves judgment but offers this introduction by James Farganne in the spirit of free discussion.

I can't believe what's happening in this country. Politics at our national level has steadily degenerated to a low-life political circus. But at what cost? We now have three national leaders, the PM, the Leader of the Opposition and the ex-PM, all totally consumed with their own ego-driven, self-interest, personal rivalries and quest to either seize or hold on to power at all costs. But what about Australia, what about national leadership, and what about our national institutions?  All are now pawns in this very public battle for naked personal self-interest, and at what cost to our nation, our people and future generations of Australians? Time we got rid of them all!

Dr Ivan Molloy,
c/o PO Box 78,
Peregian Beach, Qld., 4573

While President Obama’s supporters hailed his withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq as the end of the war in the middle east, behind the scenes the Pentagon has been quietly massing troops and armaments on two islands located just south of the Strait of Hormuz, and within easy striking distance of Iran.

In addition to some 50,000 U.S. troops currently in the region waiting for orders (apparently they won’t be home by this past Christmas as was originally promised), Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama is deploying an additional 50,000 soldiers to be ready for ‘any contingency’ by March:

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